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During the holidays I’ve had time to rediscover my lensbaby. Here are some of the results.





Here’s a photo I took the other morning of the sunrise, stood on Penny Lane looking over the railway bridge.


Yesterday I was experimenting with wine to create a lifestyle shoot. Here are some of the results.


wine31.jpg wine41.jpg

My new website is now up and running and can be found at the old web address of:

The site mainly contains my architectural, art and commercial work. I plan to post my personal work on this blog.



This summer myself and seven other photographers took eighthundred portraits of liverpool people on Liverpool’s Eighthundreth birthday. The portraits were exhibited at the Albert Dock for a week and now can be seen on the Popcultured website. The guy above was photographed on Lark Lane.

Earlier this year I went to Thailand. I haven’t posted any of my travel images yet so I thought I’d start with a few of these.


Some of my images will be on sale at the Creativebias Christmas Fair at Blackburne House on 16th December. Amoungst other things I will be selling my landscape and floral canvas collections (one of which can be seen below.)


I will also be selling my black and white hand printed images.


I am also a big fan of hand printing black and white images. I’ve spent a lot of time documenting Liverpool’s architecture on monochromatic film. This image is of Paradise street bus station.


I am a freelance photographer based in Liverpool, specialising in architectural, commercial and fine art photography. Here’s my new blog which will shortly be followed by a new, up-to-date website.


Here’s a photo I took on a trip to Scotland this summer. I plan to use my blog to showcase images not on my website, as well as new commercial and personal work.